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A modern city...for all?

Its 2020 and our city has moved into what most would call, the progressive era. We have a government dominated by progressive democrats, labor unions that have moved with the government into pushing a progressive agenda, and residents from all over the country moving into our city mixing with the existing populous and changing not only the demographics, but the way the city looks overall. With so many changes to the city, and so many progressive movements, you would think that everything within the city would follow suit, however such is not the case.

One such example of something that hasn’t changed for years is the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Although this is a state run agency, it serves 10 million residents living in the City of New York. The DMV has had some improvements over the years with the introduction of faster computers, digital countdown clocks, and a more precise line formation system, but for the most part, it is still the same DMV your grandmother remembers with the same long lines, same long wait times, and same long forms. To make matters even worse, the DMV is only open during business days, Monday through Friday, and only open from 8am to 4pm.

How does the DMV expect residents to get there after work if most people work until 5pm on week days? They don’t, which means that you are either taking a day off work or leaving work early to make it there in time. This means sacrificing vacation time, or if you don’t have paid time off, then it means sacrificing money that you would have otherwise earned had you not taken the time off. Surely there is a better way, and fortunately now there is. Unbeknownst by many, there are companies that provide Expedited DMV Services. One such company is Skip the Trip LLC.

Skip the Trip provides all of the services that the DMV does without the long lines, long forms, and long wait times. For a small fee, they provide the convenience of having your DMV needs met with free pickup and delivery of your documents. They provide privacy protections for your personally identifiable information and other related paperwork.

With such a modern and unique city as New York is, it’s refreshing to see a modern take on something that hasn’t been visited for some time.



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