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Green-light law is more like a red-light for everything else at the DMV!

In the historical vote that occurred in the state legislature of New York, the Green light law was passed and ultimately went into effect on December 16, 2019. The green-light law allows undocumented immigrants the ability to obtain a New York State Driver’s license without many of the prerequisites that are normally required like a social security card or US birth certificate. It also expands on what is

acceptable as proof of identity including such documents as foreign passports and licenses, to the NYC Identification card making the possibility of obtaining a NYS Driver’s license a reality for millions of New Yorker's who may otherwise be driving illegally because of the lack of a legal, US driver’s license.

DMVSTOP fully supports the law as it does several things to assist the state, but most importantly assist undocumented immigrants. First, it provides a new revenue for the state that would otherwise be realized by other neighboring states like Maryland who have passed similar legislation in earlier years. Second, it provides the state a way to track drivers who would otherwise be untraceable in the event of a hit and run or other circumstance.

While this legislation has been an incredible benefit for many New Yorker's, it has added to the frustrations already experienced by many who plan to make a visit to the DMV. The DMV has been inundated with individuals seeking to obtain a license. Because the DMV has not devised a way to differentiate those seeking licenses versus those seeking to register their vehicle for example, the line to get to the information counter to obtain a ticket has grown exponentially overnight! 5 days a week, the line has snaked around the building and as far as the next block!

Lines like these almost guarantee that a trip to the DMV will surely be an all-day affair. Something as simple as surrendering your license plates, normally a 1-2 hour ordeal depending on the volume of customers present that day, has now quadrupled in many cases to a 4-8 hour nightmare! The DMV was clearly not as prepared as they should have been for the new law and it doesn’t look like this will resolve itself any time soon regardless of how much extra staff is added or hours.

Fortunately, the DMVSTOP is here to help! Being the only exclusive DMV services office in the city of New York, DMVSTOP provides all the services the DMV would provide you as it relates to your vehicle, but without the hassle of making a long line, filling out long forms and most importantly, dealing with long wait times! The vast majority of customers spend less than 5 minutes in the office and simply come back the next business day to get their transactions. And with hours as late as 7pm, we make it easy for those of us who work and cannot afford to take a day off to go to the DMV to get their transaction done! Even better, the DMVSTOP now offers many services all online so you don’t even have to stop in the office!

Why waste your time, time you will never get back, at the DMV when you can leave it to the pros at DMVSTOP!



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