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All this technology but no end in sight for long lines...

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

It all began with the cellular phone back in the 1970’s. Some of you may not remember as far back as almost half a century ago, but mobile phones used to not be so mobile. The first cellular phones were a large and complex system. Because of their size, most of the first cellular phones released for use by the general public were installed in cars, since cars had enough space to house the entire unit. Eventually cell phones got small enough to carry in your pocket, but the technology was still not advanced enough to call it a truly mobile cellular phone. Fast forward to 2014, now we have cellular phones that are more capable than some household computers!

Technology has allowed us to take tremendous steps in advancing our lives. It’s amazing how fast we have evolved with the aid of technology. Instead of having to send a message through the post office and waiting three to five days for the recipient to read it and then an additional three to five days for a response, we can now send emails in an instant. Text messages also aid in sending messages with speed and ease as all it takes to get your message across is a few clicks. In a world where convenience has become one of our main priorities, it’s no wonder why the technology industry has surged in development and use.

Many of our government services have also taken advantage of the advancements in technology so many of us have learned to love. These advancements have made things like processing applications for employment, traffic enforcement, policing, and emergency services more responsive and better able to serve the public. Unfortunately, not all agencies and organizations have been able to adapt with the times. One such agency is the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

The DMV has been around for ages and is a necessary evil since you must have registration and license plates in order to operate any type of motor vehicle in the state of New York. The DMV has had some improvements with their technology but for the most part, the DMV is still behind when it comes to advancing with the times. As a result, there are still long lines, long wait times, and long and confusing forms to deal with. Like many of us in this city, time is an expensive commodity and giving up a day of work just to get plates for your car or renew your license is a big ask.

Despite all of the darkness, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That light is private service bureaus (PSB). PSB’s are licensed by the state to conduct transactions on behalf of individuals and businesses at the DMV. PSB’s have been around for years, working with dealerships and insurance agencies for the most part. It is important to note that PSB’s are not “line waiters”, that is that they do not go to the DMV to wait on your behalf to get your transaction completed. Instead, the PSB license allows them to drop off paperwork in batches to the Private Service Bureau Division of the DMV, a separate office than that available to the general public.

For many years, PSB’s have been a somewhat guarded secret, with insurance agencies using them as an incentive for their clients to continue to do business with them, until recently. New companies have emerged in the PSB market that now offer services for not just businesses, but individuals. One such company is Skip the Trip LLC. They have transformed the PSB market and started a revolution by catering to individuals for the most part. By creating a user friendly website,, and offering free delivery in their home borough of Queens, Skip the Trip has already helped thousands of people skip the trip to the DMV. They have a friendly, responsive, and most importantly, knowledgeable staff that will make sure your transaction gets completed right the first time. Convenience has become a big selling point when it comes to living in modern times, and why shouldn’t it be? Our time is the most precious commodity that can’t be bought, but it can be saved. Time saved is time earned, and this is one writer that won’t be wasting his time waiting in line at the DMV. Now if I could only get my coffee as fast!


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Michel Ruiz Fabian
Michel Ruiz Fabian
Apr 09, 2021

I need to renew my license plates because I can't make an appointment in the DMV Office; the phones are always busy with the pandemic.

My wife found this website where they help me to do all the process.

I recommended they were very efficient and the paperwork was done quickly.

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