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What to do when the DMVs are closed for COVID-19

When we were making plans for 2020, no one expected the pandemic that is our current reality. COVID-19 was being viewed as a foreign health crisis, something China and Europe was experiencing until it rapidly hit home and began shutting down our city last week. Schools, restaurants, barbershops, bars and all non essential businesses were required to close its doors on Sunday. If you are considered an essential worker, we'd like to thank you for what you're doing for the community. With the cities efforts to reduce the spread, more and more New Yorkers began avoiding public transportation as it's probably best practice to drive and practice social distancing. But what do you do when the DMVs are closed?

If you're like us, the DMVSTOP received the closure news through the DMVs website over the past weekend. All DMVs are closed until further notice so how do you go about getting your vehicle ready if the DMVs aren't even open? We have been getting many calls asking how to get new car registrations, how to do plate surrenders, how to renew expiring registrations etc. The weeks prior to closing, the DMVs were already on an appointment only basis and now they are not servicing the public. Being in the industry for over 7 years, we've never experienced this and are trying to navigate through this for the first time just like many of you. If you thought the lines were long before, just imagine what it will be like when they reopen to the public. On a brighter note, here is what we can do in the mean time.

The first option is to get a temporary plate so you can operate your vehicle legally for 30 days while you wait for the DMV to reopen. Obtaining a temp tag is very simple, you just need the original title, proof of insurance and a drivers license. You can find more details on our website at, just click on online services. With the expedited shipping option, you can be on the road as soon as tomorrow afternoon. We understand many people are going through financial hardships due to lay offs and reduced hours so we are offering a $25 discount on temp plate services. The discount is already reflected in the cart so there's nothing you need to do.

Secondly, you can be proactive and start the process of registering your car online through our website. Depending on which state you need to register in, there may be different documents needed. Feel free to contact us directly for any questions. When the DMV reopens, we will be able to process the registrations that are already in the cue and get it done faster than if you were to goto the actual DMV yourself. Our agents are working remotely and will be in contact with you throughout the process so we can have your paperwork complete for when the DMV reopens so you don't have to wait on the lines or make an appointment.

If you are looking to surrender plates to avoid having to pay the insurance, unfortunately you will have to wait until the DMV reopens. Fortunately, you have the option to do a plate surrender through our website and mail it into our office using the included Fed Ex label without the need to leave your home and go to the DMV which will likely involve even longer lines than ever before once they do reopen. Once we have your plates, we can surrender them on your behalf and we will email you the receipt. Only then can you cancel your insurance plan without a lapse fee. These uncertain times require us to be innovative and we are navigating the situation as it evolves. Our leadership team is dedicated to make the process as easy as possible and will be working on keeping you updated on best practices as we move forward. Stay well.



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