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DMVSTOP was founded in 2013 by someone just like you who was tired of having to make trips to the DMV. Each time having to wait in long lines and deal with the overall headache when needing to transfer plates or register a new car. We knew there had to be a better way! It was at that point that DMVSTOP was formed. We are a NATIONWIDE Express DMV Service Company processing transactions for your vehicle in all 50 States, NOT THE ACTUAL DMV! All of our services are done online without the need to visit an office of any kind! DMVSTOP is the modern approach to the DMV.



All of our services come with our commitment to your privacy. We are committed to protecting your documents and ensuring they are safe and secure, that all of your personally identifiable information is kept confidential, and that we will never share your information with anyone except the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Our services include: 

  • Nationwide DMV Services

  • New Registrations and Plates

  • Registration and Renewals

  • Transfer of Registration & Plates

  • Title Transfers, Requests, and Duplicates

  • Duplicate Registrations

  • Plate Surrenders

  • Salvage Vehicle Applications

  • And so much more!

We no longer accept walk-in service



Get your license plates and registration in any of the 50 States!

With the DMVSTOP, all you do is sign, pay and drive away!

*Drivers license, learners permit and identification services are not provided at this location provides you with most of the services* that the Department of Motor Vehicles does without the long wait, long lines, and hassle of dealing with confusing paperwork!


Thanks for submitting!

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